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tv   Kazakh TV News  PBS  December 24, 2013 7:00am-7:31am PST

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juice to armenia's ascension to the customs union is fully developed the doctrine will be considered on the supreme council of the region's economic commission but the designation the president of kazakhstan russia and all was in moscow. this was stated by the chairman of the towns of the eurasian economic commission that the prime minister of kazakhstan blockage on the second highest summarizing the year he noted that a great job on creating the convocation of a legal framework of the customs union and the eurasian
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economic commission has been done under the chairmanship of the text on a number of documents concerning the eurasian economic union treaties have been prepared as well o more than eighty questions aimed at the development of the customs union in the region economic commission have been considered within the framework of this council has for the region economic commission. we discussed over three hundred questions in the top and relevant decisions which are now being implemented in practice it's a continued his kicking the can is to read this book what the. oh well also the situation of the financial market of kazakhstan still remained stable. a correspondent steve was announced by the chairman of the national bank of context and cannot do in the head of the weekly briefing at essential communication service on monday. according to him the growth of gross domestic product in the current year will amount to six percent according to preliminary estimates. inflation is expected to reach five percent. as a unit five percent the lowest rate of
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inflation in the history of kazakhstan means that the government together with the national bank received an efficient micro economic policy articulate a monetary one. catania exchange rate is stable that stood between one fifty two point seven one fifty four point three per dollar in november. this is a perfectly normal figures to buy chicken attests to the head of the national bank also explain why the previously announced release of the twenty thousand senior doe did not take place according to kill and be above it will not only affect the growth of devaluation expectations but also lead to inflation not to teach you. for example some product cost seventeen thousand seeing you today tomorrow if you release the twenty thousand t new bill the price will go to twenty thousand cd. inflation should not grow and that is why we shouldn't impose pressure on the chin grateful she added. but likes the idea to give effect to the national bank intends to introduce the concept of pension assets concentrated in the single pension fund in the first quarter two thousand fourteen according to cut out. don't get
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the pension funds would transfer assets to a single fund the work for fines are reading completed another five funds is just ahead stan is to watch b he just bought new system of planning its inspections rtrion wilcoleliminatest t the psibility of illegal inspections developers are confident that the son of supervisors will fail to find a new poll. this is the airline's request that on the subject from the supervisory authorities apparently if the system finds a violation you refuse to authorize inspection to us that prosecutors have already revealed about six hundred cases of illegal inspections with the help of these responses them by the way he cemetery and pepper them logical inspectors in emergency staff lead the list but what you wouldn't dare just by his very convenient for authorities they can see all the information call and once the program itself on the color violations. this will ensura pitiv effect
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but it was. we offer was conditional. the general prosecutosffic in the national chamber of october knew was of kazakhstan sign a memorandum of cooperation business protection became the main point of the document is expected that the cooperation will reduce the number of unplanned inspections of osbourne or is more than eleven thousand violations in the busess sector had been revealed over two thousand thirteen. the prosecutor's office restraint two point five thousand legal controls thus the number has decreased by ten fold compared with the previous year. the prosecutor's office in the national chamber of the new is going to work on the problems of entrepreneur shipped to italy. we're going to tak a number of measures on cooperation with the star chamber pots were nor is aimed at avoiding unnecessary inspections by authorities in activities with business a number of joint events will be conducted in this area with the framework of the member item you see two reasons. three new frontier post rope and a cousin to the sport or the chairman of the national security committee of the extent that
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i am the kind of senate members had the frontier service in representatives of the rotund party which is a baby in the ceremonial opening ofhis on kobe frontier post after visiting a symbolic key of the state border. guests were acquainted with the life of the frontier military township and weren't really surprised by the conditions which are created for the servicemen. meanwhile these are standard requirements according to them twenty six stations were already built on the southern and eastern sections of the borders. the work is held within the framework of the state program on the enrichment of borders such military stations represent a fully back structure modern weapons special equipment housing for officers personnel and of course stables and no candles he spoke in the mix who love us no good news there is a sport complex water supply keating housing in barracks there are actually two which are necessary for serviceas evaded armaments from two horses dogs and special comments any parking area a quick very well. therefore we have to serve and raise the security of southern borders of a statewide level well the wheels of mobile
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don't look at truman that wouldn't someone monthly we're in the customs union and the support of the customs union. it means that we are responsible for people for our motherland and we'll also the fence of the borders of the customs union and beneath the unit among the most to you additionally shot water cannons were bullets and teargas to riot squads of the anti government demonstrations in istanbul the demonstration was sanctioned by the local authorities to cement of the protest aions demand resignation of the government and ministers which might be involved in the corruption according to the facts are operational and ride which was held on december seventeen the beginning of the operation was surprising even for the leaders of the country. i missed it you can build on called operation as a dirty operation aimed at undermining his rule was only a total twenty four people have now been formally arrested including the sun and the minister of internal affairs and the son of the economic minister is worth noting that this is the first time when the skin of the scale directly concern the new guns environment has been the head of the government of turkey
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since two thousand while the outbreak of the bird flu each five nt was recorded in the province in china in particular the disease caused the death of more than four thousand birds in one of the poultry farms authorities carry out mass of vaccinations of the residents of nearby settlements in poultry farm workers are under quarantine. besides with the aim to prevent the spread of the disease one hundred and twenty five thousand birds had to be exterminated. other details of the outbreak has not been reported. the standard compiled are invented a device that helps and of various diseases. he called it the moment so this is a multi functional compact and portable device that performs for functions at once. laser therapy but let there be an electro massage. they can also be used in conducting the diagnosis of a disease then the book. he's a really nice chicken and fish. we turned on the device and look for biologically active points here you can see l e d that starts blinking rapidly that these elected loud speaker begins to make noise
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so this means that we have found a biologically active points. then we were moving and turn on the laser would put on the bio active points the laser radiation has a favorable effect on the human body is absolutely safe painless and it is not associated with any chemical specialize in virginia. a blog of their past abuse of detainees which clipped the technical characteristics of this device are similar to physical therapy appointment the device is quite efficient in terms of energy consumption. you can even work a nine volt batteries approval on local dilemma but tell devices portable you can use not only in the medical institutions awesome house on an infield. for example in rome of pastors and sparsely populated areas and even in space they can be installed inside iraq and into work many astronaut suffer from muscular atrophy. but this lesson we can treat them like me. some of what it is the most of them is that it was a lot of what is the fifty most leading technologies of the country became interested in the student's convention recently harkin said the walk his return from austin where
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he took part in the context of innovative projects among students. he won the first place and receive prize money won in fifty thousand seeing now is up to the sponsor who agrees to invest in future production and of course packing sean kane the pattern to fully cooperate on his invention. the latest news is that three got the dogs cuts out that stevie got kate said summarizing the results of conflicts town's economic development in twenty thirteen local experts noted that one of the main achievements is that despite the unfavorable external background and the continuing instability of the posts crises global economy the country has managed to maintain stable growth in twenty thirteen and finished it with positive diggers during the first eleven months the gdp growth in kazakhstan which six percent compounding the four cars announced by the government
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and the national bank of kazakhstan according to the socioeconomic data the countries in the coffee fuel companies countries in the world. posted in this is the accelerated growth of the cars and economy during the last ten years alone is to take second place after russia and the cia as an austrade ukraine which happened for the first time we got accustomed to receive ukraine as the second longest eight from the time of the soviet union when it was the second largest republic of the rush to the population of ukraine is three times larger than in kazakhstan however the gdp of kazakhstan and then on to state reserves are larger than ukraine during the first eleven months of twenty twelve the gurus of the short term economic indicator was estimated one hundred and five point one percent in the period from january through to december twenty thirteen investment in fixed assets exceeded five trillion team gear which in real terms is eight point seven percent more compared to the previous year is the same time
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the volume of industrial production since the beginning of the year was sixteen point five trillion to get in copper prices which is two point three percent more than twenty twelve according to expose the economic growth was achieved primarily by means of domestic sources. so industries in economic growth locomotive share of industry and the gdp of the country exceeds eighty percent which is a large contribution both to gdp and its crew to come fix it the single agency reports that the second largest contributors to the gdp growth is commerce which provides over fourteen point five percent of the gdp share of willie state transport and construction in gdp ranges from five to seven percent. when it was going on experts noted that in a country with a mortgage expert takes to launch a share of the economy kazakhstan have to feel the pressure of negative external factors personally suffered from the economic difficulties of the eurozone in china with kazakhstan
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sense of the largest part of the with goods in addition the worldwide decline in the prices of winning medals by seven and ten percent respectively played its role all these provided the basis for experts to give mode is gdp growth for costs in the range between four and five percent. this situation started to change dramatically closer to the second half of the year up to the government is optimized to flaunt it. it's an idea or no it's a decreasing will prices includes the fiscal profit of the state the government had to make such changes which were quite well timed eagleton was launched in may twenty thirteen inch would be some changes suggested the notion of cost me to my station and started to gradually improve the efficiency of the skull payments another factor which lead to positive role is the attraction of foreign investments and development of foreign trade sinks to the compilation is part of the customs union according to statistics them on the new
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chilled tunnel the response of the economic alliance was estimated at sixty two leaving the gear. with the experience of the customs union shows that even before its formal establishment they were cases of increasing investments in kazakhstan during the first two years of existence of the customs union. we have witnessed a significant increase in investments channel ten for the processing industry and the areas which are crucial for our economy and which will enable a decrease in davao material that and then its base is why as a species more important than ours someone sneezes. specially say that although the spirit to exports from kazakhstan in general degrees by seven percent the same peter was in the countries of the customs union which only four percent you can use them to trade within the customs union influence in the overall performance and will favor the attraction of wake of investments the us. the huge
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it really continues in russia this time we were picked up the torch is in the team in the new corner of one hundred and forty places on the route to the venue of the olympic games. the route march to remember it was perhaps the longest one amounting to more than forty kilometers in featuring over two hundred torch bearers can extend citizens died of boredom by it was among them is a sportsman osbourne your president of costa nine
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regional boxing federation and the chairman of the supervisory board of kind at sea. boom so much trouble i'd probably be in conflict and am pleased indeed. bayern munich defeated one joke to reach the club world cup final within the resort three t iraq from casa blanca in the final match. they have the advantage throughout the match daunting and how can score goals in the second half. opponents of the year had a chance to score but failed to use it as a result am when the club world cup or the market will see agreed to hold contests. yes the ruck and noble to look like to dance including phil
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possible with these marines and others result of the price of top aussie seven scandalous affair development of local deficits of jams is very expensive. it is difficult to walk on the phone call basically just on the bill was defeated in the military does the right uk to his belly can be. over the past year's focus for the insertion of elation of syndicates materials. when death comes knocking on the price increase fuel demand extraction his goal was to develop in the small amount of force to walk in the field of more staggered to the teens. georgie such as general de physique in this important region. but they are fracturing is a defect in their new creepy looking. he thrives on for a long time there was truly an extraction there is a great potential for rapid deputy pm eastern counts tanya lake accord. in his customers a college football helmet kenya kind of
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luck i get so far i would teach me and the morphine accept all will place to visit the burial was opened in thirty four the last entry the deputy post in a vicious home as all of the hanukkah father's almost on par there really is approaching and hurled the class. the price of some religious jerusalem goal is to have told them i get to have in mind the officer told the sunday times acknowledges it in the museum of the russian and getting all sciences the construction of bridges tunnels is quietly the kind of business was off and the social issues own small miners bible especially the heels of the cape and a jd in only to regent it onto the field between the league ballpark the course of the final four that rise from fifty two was softened dollars a kilogram. this integration that is appreciated and the rest is a black hole all its beauty is
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not contrary to the brilliance of the diamond necklace all conform to the banks of the news that we were so pathetic in the region. licensees the legal and before you even gotten to know that the license for one particular teaching. he lhc becky becky material . and
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there are no traffic. what's her cca the study. with non the us. the us. the us. i
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don't tell. since fish. it is hers. his church. the jury at his trial. the kids the eye
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the eye. in the day. i'm signing of a hike in with another edition of destination busy. they have refrigerators in japan that's what they invented something called cc. most people don't know about this in theory must be ncc. so i'm here it's the t rex to find out one evening when i order sushi. i'm here with brian as a sushi roll here at skippy right mind what kinds of sushi. are they did it look
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different. for defenders out there is not the woods is brought up that seem seaweed nori and out of their sauces that she knew it was pretty much just like his previous life in a number of ways. i then there's the year with his eyes as he slid over to us that was all wrong or is this. it's all probably gotten a lot of it yet there's also a lot of things lead me that i didn't hear voices within her heart was boiled with smoked salmon spawn. so let's make some sushi body is starting to get this at home yet we can go and get started i would like surprise surprise they wanted to start with maki which is like the most typical. one or more of that one of the unit. it's literal in jeopardy is how did they prepare their mission to the us uncertain process that no one and two. it's pretty much a form of preservation they put on race and he was in a good fist of fun in and
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out. to preserve and make it so they keep the agreement anytime anywhere you know what it was done they would take it in the rice was discarded and run away and eventually certified been adding vinegar to it not been kind of laid out it's a good taste in everything they did so. that was the devil's tool and the kind of treated to a new and interesting talk to you. fake street food in me it was nice to garnish it with the cc when we ordered it. we had a softening which is what i saw it as a little bit of time. good good kick to it which is a very refreshing. since then the about the clintons. with this as acts as a helpless what about the sushi that looks like just brace with a piece of fish on top once that ball that is called the eerie calm. i'd say that enough. so here's our salmon have only taken the person who suffers. you laid across molded into the shape we all know what you know what sells
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to shoot anybody is that the way it looks so is the extravagant living in us a lot of fun and made them and that is the new. any other shades or visitation styles that we should know about seizing on behalf of their stuff. see when we make such inquiries into three pieces one. fun things to do here so take it. to me the states to pull things out of the consoling pistol a song like they are. i was it is very involved and so it's to be a lot of fun. so you're actually be condemned to making it in presenting its almost like you wanna make art you make it so people. still when he did a mix between now and that's
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that's kind of how i avoided it for fifteen from the suspect was the main and only ways that i've ever actually. so there's some great legs and property into a kind of yourself. they tell you that was three hours of collapse the pocket. hey that looks good enough. what a lot when he says he was in one bite and when you eat during your soy sauce based site down. also no not until mixture has a hobby or soy sauce. that you know what you're eating really tasty next time our destination busy that i'm sucking in a car the route. and. the pope made me be a new type of
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palestinian someone to help lead us to a better future in the middle east. he grew up in store bought her a village in east jerusalem. i can from a betting pool or a funny idea by any member that they intend to do a year of the month i didn't have a surprise to get to that. and thus the name i did get a decision. i want to be another best on that day as usual the swan lake eyre in my ear mom i feel itchy all over my a fence so i turned to business openings first one then a second medical clinic in his village. we ate began and is that this is from a man from ceo of the topeka for the defendant to make it there. a winning time to bring that into it sounded cool to think in order and the machines when hubs to six thousand members you are new to the tv gimme
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the cuts in those two doors from the beginning he believes that the business to serve the community meets art that i am and it's the color and in my kitchen was and how a way to have my eight people once thought was a teen he was accepted into hebrew university but couldn't afford to go. recently he was very happy to enroll again with the promise that i want to learn it and go and live in the hitler and the state and now i am and making due to his second big city in the management and it was he was there with the help of the astor center for entrepreneurship. he started the east jerusalem his camp a unique series of business classes for palestinian women designed to help them get the skills and encouragement to start their own small businesses and we take it down and they don't want that they nodded and had visited him and they didn't have been a vision or if your child because they didn't have towards women was taking his course of open home based
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businesses such as beauty salons or home cooked food services. one woman opened her own optician business that works closely with allies clinics. i'm not from an all out in. but now we have businesses in betty a beak and a six foot one the tandem two hundred and nine. but man batsman the stuff he certainly knows from his own experience how business is rooted in the community can succeed helping all in soft and believe me if some man times you have difficult to an idea for it to your going and your puppy addition the unknown that you are a good man there was supposed to also was hard work was recently recognized in a ceremony and reception at mount zion hotel in jerusalem. he was awarded the inaugural social entrepreneurship award given jointly by the astor
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foundation in hebrew university. you can be to enable or who need your begun to lose it to go to the pool or just do need to let you go in and deal with ongoing you'll agree. is. steve. i
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also mentioned that twenty fourteen i get a life coach it now


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